Synvisc Classic 3 x 2 ml

Synvisc provides an unprecedented 12 months of relief from the pain caused by osteoarthritis in just three simple treatments!

Osteoarthritis occurs when a person’s natural joint lubricant, the synovial fluid, ebbs away. Those who buy wholesale Synvisc will be able to restore lubrication, thereby regaining the ability to absorb shock, reduce pain, and regain overall mobility. Studies have concluded that the composition of Synvisc mimics the healthy synovial fluid of 18-27 year old individuals.

The Unique Benefits of Choosing to Buy Synvisc Over the Competition

Apart from receiving 12 months of osteoarthritis relief, deciding to order Synvisc has numerous other benefits. Doctors prefer Synvisc to oral medication because an injection circumvents possible damage to bodily systems such as cardiovascular and gastrointestinal issues. In addition, it is a more effective solution than anti-inflammation medication or simple analgesics. Optimal results occur approximately 8 to 12 weeks after the initial treatment. Finally, since Synvisc isn’t a drug, it won’t interfere with any other medications a patient is taking.

Safety Warnings to Consider When Ordering Synvisc

Although deciding to buy Synvisc online is beneficial for most patients, it is not recommended for everyone. The product contains some avian proteins, making it dangerous to those with hypersensitivities to animal protein. Swelling and slight pain have been reported with the product, though these symptoms are temporary. In extreme cases muscle cramps, respiratory swelling, dizziness, and rashes have been reported.

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Product Description

Buy Synvisc Classic 3 x 2 ml

Firstly buy Synvisc Classic 3 x 2 ml. SYNVISC can be used to effectively treat osteoarthritis knee joint pain where the existing lubricant is not enough to act as a barrier during knee movements. Synvisc contains the long chain polymer, hyaluronan which once injected begins to lubricate and cushion the knee joint, eliminating all pain. Hyaluronic is unique due to its repetitive units of disaccharides.

SYNVISC (hylan G-F 20) contains both hylan A and hylan B polymers which are derived from chicken combs. Hylans are derivatives of hyaluronan (sodiumhyaluronate). Hylan G-F 20 is highly effective due to its chemically crosslinkage.

Who should not use Synvisc Classic?

Anyone with allergies to hyaluronan and anyone with a knee or skin infection at the proposed site of injection.

More importantly, anyone with allergies to birds and bird products, such as feathers, eggs and bird meat.

Breastfeeding and pregnant women should not use Synvisc Classic.

What is the administration process for Synvisc Classic?

SYNVISC is injected directly into the knee over the course of three doctor visits, one week apart. It’s a simple, in-office procedure that takes just a few minutes.

Both knees can be treated in the same session.

Following treatment, care should be taken not to carry out any heavy lifting. Your strength will start to build up again after 2 days.

What are the associated side effects with Synvisc Classic?

With SYNVISC being administered into the knee joint, and not into the blood, there is much less likely to be any side effects. However, swelling, pain and excess fluid were reported in 7% patients. Rash and Hives have also been reported in some cases.

When will I see results with Synvisc Classic?

Results can be felt immediately. However, at least 3 injections are required to feel the full optimum effects of the treatment. With each individual case being different, many patients start to see pain relief after 2 months after the initial injection. Long term relief following all three injections can last half a year. The advantages are that Synvisc can be repeatedly used following the advice of a medical professional.

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