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Tesamorelin, (formerly known as TH9507), is a type of peptide called a growth hormone-releasing factor (GHRF). GHRF causes growth hormone to be created and spread in the body, which helps increase metabolism, reduce belly fat, improve body shape, and use of energy. Tesamorelin (formerly known as TH9507) is a synthetic growth hormone-releasing factor that stimulates the pituitary gland in the brain to secrete growth hormone; this indirect approach appears to maintain more stable, natural levels, like CJC-1295 DAC,. Clinical trials have shown that tesamorelin significantly reduces abdominal fat with fewer side effects than human growth hormone itself, although abdominal fat may return after the Tesamorlein is discontinued (depending upon the individual).

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Firstly Buy Tesamorelin 10MG online. Tesamorelin or TH9507 is a fat dissolving peptide that works by promoting the secretion of growth hormone. Regular use of Tesamorelin 2mg is advised until a satisfactory level of fat reduction has been achieved. Abrupt discontinuation of this peptide might lead to inadvertent reverse gain of body fat. In addition to the normal individuals, the use of this peptide has been especially advised for the HIV patients. HIV-infected individuals face the inevitable issue of lipodystrophy. Lipodystrophy is small-sized indent formed on the skin surface due to repeated intake of antiretroviral drugs. Buy Tesamorelin 10MG PEPTIDES Form Chem-sleuth.


The release of growth hormone is promoted by this peptide in a very regulated and physiological manner. Tesamorelin or TH9507 is widely used in research subjects all over the world. The storage temperatures recommended for prolonging the shelf-life of Tesamorelin are between 2°C and 8°C Tesamorelin is a crucial formulation for HIV patients and can bought in its most authentic form through Pinnacle Peptides Tesamorelin 2mg is potent enough to trim the fat that has got deposited in the visceral layer of the skin in HIV patients over the years. A hike in the release of growth hormone due to the regular administration of this peptide assures the heightening of cognitive functioning too.


A study performed by researchers on the elderlies with compromised state of cognitive function paved way for satisfactory results after a 20 week research. When compared with the placebo group, the subjects who were administered regular doses of Tesamorelin exhibited improved cognitive performance. When the same research was performed on animal subjects, the same levels of results were observed in the form of improvement in biomarkers of brain function. Tesamorelin acts by forming a bond with the human GRF receptors just like the natural growth releasing factor would. Natural growth releasing factor is also known by the name of growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH).

As the name suggests, it boosts the production of growth hormone in the body. Tesamorelin 2mg is contraindicated in pregnant females and cancer patients. Genuine formulations of this peptide can be bought for a relatively low-end price through the website The products we offer are intended for laboratory research use only. In purchasing any of these items, the customer acknowledges that there are risks involved with consumption or distribution of these products.


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