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Product Description

Buy PT-141 (Bremelanotide) 10Mg

Firstly Buy PT-141 (Bremelanotide) 10Mg Online. Bremelanotide (PT-141) is a peptide that’s developed by Palatin Technologies used mainly as a treatment for male ED (erectile dysfunction), FSD (female sexual dysfunction), reperfusion injury and hemorrhagic shock.

How Does PT-141 Work?

PT-141 increases your sexual desire by activating the brain of the melanocortin 4 receptor, which normally regulates the metabolism, male erectile function and sexual behaviour. Its operating mechanism typically involves an action in your central nervous system (CNS) instead of directly on the cardiovascular system.

Results of the PT-141

Initially, Bremelanotide was considered as a UV filled tanning (sunless tanning) agent, and it had its origins from a peptide hormone called Melanotan II, a melanocortin peptide hormone that occurs naturally and used to produce melanogenesis (which is the production of the pigment that is found in your skin, hair and eyes).
PT-141 has caused spontaneous male erections and sexual arousal during testing, which revealed the potential of the peptide as an effective sexual dysfunction treatment in both women and men.

In men, the peptide is used to treat ED, the inability to maintain or develop an erection of your penis during sexual activity. Typically, an erection is achieved while blood enters and gets retained in bodies that are sponge-like within your penis as a result of sexual arousal.

Since your brain is responsible for transmitting signals to the nerves in your penis, stimulation of that process leads to an erection by using PT-141.
PT-141 is known to be an effective treatment for sexual arousal disorder (characterised by the absence or lack of sexual desire in a situation that you would usually produce sexual arousal).

Side Effects of PT-141

PT-141 has also shown potential effects in improving social cognition as well as behaviour, which is also what promotes the peptide as a treatment for a disorder called autism.

PT 141 Dosage:

Subcutaneous injection is administered on to fatty tissues under the skin. the fatty layer is situated immediately beneath the skin and contains few blood vessels.

Size of vile: 10mg

Frequency of use: taken within 2-4 hours before engaging in sexual intercourse.

Where to inject: The abdomen surrounding skin for injecting the peptide

Injection Dosage per time: 0.75, 1.25 and 1.75 mg.

Suggested Water to mix: Bacteriostatic water or sterile water

How much water to add: mix with 2ml of water

How to Mix the water and peptide together: 2ml(cc) bacteriostatic water per 10mg PT-141

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