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An entirely legal substance, 25i-NBOMe is a psychedelic drug that is part of the 2C family and can be confused with LSD rather easily. The effects this substance has are very strong, even with just a small dose, and a very small amount of it can be used to create a large number of doses. If you’re looking for an average dose, try out 200-600 micrograms, it should be more than enough to get a reaction. The effects of 25i-NBOMe last for between 6-10 hours and offer a range of different benefits.

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This item has been fabricate and try to meet ISO17025:2005 and Guide 34:2009 rules

In addition This item is propose to be use as a systematic reference standard

More Mass material is accessible for scholarly research at qualify foundations; kindly contact our business office for estimating

Equivalent words


25I-NBOMe (hydrochloride) (Item No. 9001128) is an expository reference material arrange as a phenylethylamine.1 25I-NBOMe is direct as a Schedule I compound in the United States.  Consequently This item is propose for research and scientific applications.

That is to say this item is a certified Reference Material (RM) that has been made and try to meet ISO17025 and Guide 34 rules. Hence These materials try to use approve expository techniques on qualify  instrumentation to guarantee discernibility of estimations.  So All discernible RMs might be recognize by their CofAs and can be download beneath utilizing the bunch number situated on the item name. For a delegate CofA please contact our specialized help.

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